Flying, Dance-Theater, Breaking Surface brings poetic imagery to life over a darkly flooded stage. Journeying to realms unknown, the audience is lead on an acrobatic adventure of childhood delight and glowing, passionate zephyrs.

Presented by AiRealistic, this new creation by Gwyneth Larsen & William Mulholland seemlessly blends dynamic physicality, surprising perspectives and diverse theatrical genres; take flight, commit to the unknown.

Breaking Surface has original music by XvsK and John Oyzon. Go to their websites to get a glimpse of some of their other work- but if you want to hear the music for the show, you’ll have to come see it live!

The relationship we have with our art (or our muse) is fickle. Sometimes she sits on our shoulder chirping, but we aren’t ready to hear her. Sometimes she slaps us in the face, and we have no choice but to be led by her down the rabbit hole, blind and sheening with anticipation.

Sometimes her presence is so seamless we forget we could ever be without her, but then we remember she could go and waste our time panicked about when she will leave us again. And sometimes we remember to surrender and be grateful for her grace; we listen. This is our story.

Why Breaking Surface- Our story lives where 2 worlds meet, in the electric tension of the point of contact. The space between lips before they touch, the inhale before the story begins. The moment when you step into the unknown- once you take the 1st step you’re on the journey; even if you turn to go back something’s already happened. You are changed. The first step is magic, the surface has been broken and you are immersed.

AiRealistic is a site-specific aerial theater company specializing in human flying solutions. Born out of a love of physical expression & an incessant urge to take wing, AiRealistic brings stunts and live theater together to create a dynamic form of entertainment for corporate events & theatrical productions. AiRealistic has many faces including: AiRealistic Circus & Flying, AiR Productions Inc & now Breaking Surface.