breaking surface

“A thrilling multi-faceted performance of incredible skill and poetic beauty.” — BroadwayWorld.com



Flying, Dance-Theater, Breaking Surface brings poetic imagery to life over a darkly flooded stage. Journeying to realms unknown, the audience is lead on an acrobatic adventure of childhood delight and glowing, passionate zephyrs.

Presented by 5th Wall Studio, this new creation by Gwyneth Larsen & William Mulholland seamlessly blends dynamic physicality, surprising perspectives and diverse theatrical genres; take flight, commit to the unknown.

Breaking Surface has original music by XvsK, John Kimock and John Oyzon. Go to their websites to get a glimpse of some of their other work- but if you want to hear the music for the show, you’ll have to come see it live!

behind breaking surface

The relationship we have with our art (or our muse) is fickle. Sometimes she sits on our shoulder chirping, but we aren’t ready to hear her. Sometimes and we have no choice but to be led by her down the rabbit hole.

Sometimes her presence is so seamless we forget we could ever be without her but then we remember she could go and waste our time panicked about when she will leave us again. And sometimes we remember to surrender and be grateful for her grace; we listen. This is our story.

Why Breaking Surface- Our story lives where 2 worlds meet, in the electric tension of the point of contact. The space between lips before they touch, the inhale before the story begins. The moment when you step into the unknown- once you take the 1st step you’re on the journey; even if you turn to go back something’s already happened. You are changed. The first step is magic, the surface has been broken and you are immersed.


5th Wall Studio is a place for creativity and adventure - a place where you can experience intimate performances and out-of-the-box classes unlike any you’ve participated in. We have over 25 years of aerial experience performing in theaters, circuses, and dancing on stages across the world (we’ve even done a bit of stunt work and martial arts). And our style is a unique blend of acrobatic movement, flying dance-theater, and strength training that flows and continually evolves. We love sharing the techniques we’ve developed over the years and watching people’s spirits soar as their bodies leave the ground. If you’ve ever been curious about aerial acrobatics, join us for a class in Williamsburg and experience the freedom of flight with us.

the creators



Gwyneth Larsen is the Co-Creator & Director of Breaking Surface. She is a dancer, stunt-woman, director, choreographer, aerialist, aerial coach & co-founder of AiRealistic and 5th Wall Studio. She began her career with the internationally acclaimed folk music & dance company The Vanaver Caravan & trained in many forms of movement including: Ballet, Modern, Swing, Percussive dance, Capoiera, Judo, Karate, Kung Fu, Trapeze, Horse Back Riding & Rock Climbing.

Since graduating from Sarah Lawrence College with a focus in Greek mythology & modern dance professional credits have included: De La Guarda, Fuerza Bruta, the Metropolitan Opera, & Cirque Du Soliel-Special Events, and numerous film and television stunt credits including being Madonna’s stunt double, The American’s, Law and Order and others. She has created works for numerous clients; most notably the critically acclaimed Creation Live at the Crystal Cathedral, where she directed a thirty person aerial cast in heights up to 100 feet above the audience.

Her parents, mythologists Drs Stephen & Robin Larsen nurtured her thirst for travel, a profound love of story & myth & a deep respect for nature. In Breaking Surface she is thrilled to be integrating her physical passions with the intellectual & spiritual world of her youth.


bill mulholland

Bill Mulholland is the Co-Creator & Director of Breaking Surface, the founder of Bridge Acrobatics, & co-founder of AiRealistic. He is currently performing at The Metropolitan Opera in multiple productions. Other credits include: De La Guarda, Fuerza Bruta, Cirque Du Soleil, Pilobolus & the Hollywood Stunt industry. He trained as a gymnast at the Olympic Training Center & became a member of the US National Team, an All-American & team captain at the University of Nebraska, where he studied advertising, marketing & dabbled in theater & dance.

He has had the honor of working with an astounding variety of high-level gymnasts, circus performers & dancers. In helping these artists meld & expand their skill sets he has formed Bridge acrobatics; a place to meld disparate physical techniques & give meaning to the ‘tricks’ done in contemporary movement.

Over the years Bill has cultivated storytelling through physical expression in many arenas, culminating with Breaking Surface. This show combines theater / dance-acrobatics & flying to create a new voice; one that blends childhood dreams of superpowers with the ability to define ones own reality through deep imagining, to life.



THE CReative production team