"We rise by lifting others."

We are so excited to tell you that we are bringing Breaking Surface back - and we're presenting it through 5th Wall Studio soon! But we need your help. This production is a roots to bones passion project.  It's born out of our love of flight, but it has become so much more. Each performance will have only 36 seats and will incorporate water, our style of flying, acrobatic dance, puppetry and beautiful performers.

"Breaking Surface sparks a new wave of dance." 

- Broadway World

We have an incredible cast, crew and production team that are working night and day to help us bring this show to you, but as you can imagine creating independent theater in NYC is costly! Can you help us reach our fundraising goal for Breaking Surface by making a tax-deductible donation via Fractured Atlas?

If you choose to give to us, we thank you in advance for believing in theater as an essential part of life and helping bring this vision to life.